Medical innovation in Romania

Although the popular opinion does not occur in men varicose veins, but only to women and it is believed that only appear after age 35 years, experience of the doctors interviewed on this topic and extensive bibliography research revealed the falsehood of the matter. More specifically, varicose veins appear in men, although mainly higher in females, and the age of the pacientior it is enough to say that the disease does not make discordanta between patients with different ages. In other words, varicose veins is one of the disorders that appear increasingly more often and which require special attention on the part of doctors and civil socitetaii.

Varicose veins is not new to the medical field, they believe for a while now, and their treatment being performed by various methods, of which the best known is the surgical (stripping).

We all know that we do not want any to be operated. It's not necessarily a fear, but the idea is to be operated by someone scares us most. However, for a long time there was an effective way to aletrnativa to treat varicose veins without the scalpel, but a surgeon from France, best known in the field of vascular medicine in Europe, dr. Rene Milleret, invented a quick method of painless and outpatient treatment in 2008, a method by which the treatment is carried out on the basis of steam.

The only device from Romania through which is achieved by steam treatment of varicose veins by surgeons trained in this regard is located in Cluj-Napoca, in the Vascular Clinic Venart. More information about the benefits of treating varicose veins using steam you will find in our website and in the Vascular wall.

In one measure of another older method but very effective in certain cases, the cryogenic (cold) we use in the clinic Venart.

The fact that, as a country, we lose thousands of medical professionals every year, we managed to motivate some of the top surgeons in Europe in the field of vascular medicine and others, to work on a long-term basis in several medical areas (Venart Vascular Clinic), to the highest standards of quality at fair prices.  Also wish you continued to develop very specific medical services though.

The inventor of the method VenoSteam, Dr. Rene Milleret, is a warm, calm man, who loves Cricket Books and that he loves his job very much. In this brief interview gives us some information Dangar relating to why he arrived at Cluj, dr. Rene Milleret.

Within our website you can find more information about diseases of the veins and methods of treatment of varicose veins. Vascular clinic offers exceptional medical services Venart in vascular surgery, surgery and pain management.