Otorhinolaryngology ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) Minimally Invasive Surgery

Venart Vascular Clinic is collaborating with Dr. Iuliu Catana for ENT minimally invasive surgery module.  Dr. Iuliu Catana is specialized in Snoring and Sleep Disorders as well. You can find more infos on this if you visit his page at:

Modern Otolaryngology surgery is using rigid endoscopes for rhinosinusitis pathology, it has thus been developed Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. Endoscopy has an important place and Laryngeal pathology and Otica. This surgery is performed through minimally invasive nasal cavity for various types of rhinosinusitis “Sinusitis” in order to open up the sinuses (maxillary, ethmoidal, sphenoid and frontal) as the physiological without destroying the sinus Mucosa, thus can resume normal function of the affected sinus.

It is a surgery that is performed in general anesthesia with brief hospitalization between 24-48 hours and quick recovery for the patient.

With the help of its modern Pediatric pathology operates (“Rinoadenoidita child” Polyps) and the adult (Deviation of nasal septum, Sinusitis croniaca “Rinosnuzita”, Otica Pathology). Use of endoscopy in ENT pathology has facilitated a better visualization and thus surgical treatment more precisely, being helped by other types of minimally invasive medical devices (Radiofrequency, LASER CO2, etc.).