Oncology Surgery

Oncology Surgery2018-01-09T13:27:32+00:00

The section of Gynecologic Oncology provides treatment for patients with genital tract malignancies. The basis of our approach consists in optimal preoperative assessments and individualized treatment plans.  Following the preoperative assessment, the treatment for each patient will be planned by surgical oncologists. Consequently, the optimal surgical treatment will provide optimum results. In order to ensure this, we collaborate with surgeons with a solid reputation and extensive experience in this field.

Our clinic offers a wide range of quality medical interventions and procedures with diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, of which we may mention:

  • Superficial benign skin tumor excision/removal;
  • superficial malignant skin tumor excision/removal;
  • biopsy curettage
  • cervical conization (with cold scalpel)
  • Bartholin abscess / vaginal cyst incision;
  • Bartholin cyst / vaginal cyst cystectomy/ removal
  • breast sectorectomy (simple);
  • breast sectorectomy (broadened);
  • breast sectorectomy + axillary lymphadenectomy;
  • open (incisional) breast biopsy;
  • Lymph node biopsy;
  • Mastectomy;
  • Mastectomy and axillary lymphadenectomy;
  • Perineal corrections (Cistocele, Rectocele).