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Dr. Claudiu Filip

Dr. Claudiu Filip

Dr. Claudiu Filip is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hatieganu”, from Cluj-Napoca, class 2007.

  • He became passionate about surgical specialties since college, and in 2005 he benefited from an ERASMUS scholarship at Angers, where he participated in surgery trainings;
  • In 2008 he started his residency in plastic surgery and reconstructive microsurgery;
  • He completed the first years of residency at the General Surgery Clinic in Cluj-Napoca, under the guidance of Fodor Lucian, and after that at the Rehabilitation Clinic, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Georgescu Alexandrescu, who was his residency coordinator;
  • He completed the final years of residency in France – Paris (2011) and Martinique (2012-2013).

During this time he has worked and studied with well-known experts, thus managing to gain the newest and most advanced techniques in plastic surgery, aesthetic surgery, hand surgery and reconstructive microsurgery.

He returns to Romania and becomes a specialist in plastic surgery and reconstructive microsurgery. Dr. Filip worked with the National Health Insurance House, at the Emergency County Hospital in Baia-Mare, and later in the department of plastic surgery, at the Emergency County Hospital Cluj.

In 2015, he started working as a specialist in the Department of Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery within the Emergency County Hospital Alba-Iulia, where he performs surgical interventions focusing on plastic surgery and reconstructive microsurgery.

Dr. Filip is collaborating with VenArt Clinic, where he performs aesthetic surgery interventions, breast surgery (breast reduction, lift and implants), facial surgery (otoplasty, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty), abdominal surgery and abdominal contour surgery (abdominoplasty, diastasis surgery, brachioplasty, cruroplasty, liposuction), and cosmetic procedures (treatment of wrinkles with botulinum toxin, lip contour and volume augmentation with hyaluronic acid, face volumetric treatment with hyaluronic acid and others), hand surgery (carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren disease, ganglions, mallet finger and others), scar revisions, surgical treatment of skin lesions.

Interests: breast surgery, post bariatric surgery, anti-aging innovation techniques.

Dr. Filip is a devoted physician, characterized by professionalism, fairness and empathy towards his patients. Therefore, we want you to benefit of his personal and professional values.