Prof. Dr. Jérôme Cau

Prof. Dr. Jérôme Cau

General Surgery
Vascular Surgery

Prof. Dr. Jérôme Cau has been working in the vascular, endovascular and thoracic surgery service in the Poitiers Clinic for the last years. He treats cases of arterial pathology by endovascular (stent angioplasty, balloon dilatation angioplasty, stent-graft angioplasty, EVAR, TEVAR, venous stenting) or laparoscopic and classic vascular methods. He is also an Associate Researcher at the CNR (Le Centre national de la recherche scientifique) in the laparoscopic surgical robot project and the development of new techniques for learning laparoscopic surgical gesture using an expert computerized capture and processing system. Associate researcher at INSERM in the laparoscopic renal graft project and applications of robotic vascular surgery.

Project to create a complex Training Center to educate digestive, vascular (arterial pathology), urologists, gynecologists and orthopedic surgeons and also teaching expert level techniques in laparoscopy and interventional on animal models (pig), cadaver models and simulators using motion capture technology.

He has developed laparoscopic arterial surgery centers training vascular surgeons in renowned teaching hospitals. Until 2013 he headed the Department of Vascular Surgery and Transplantation at Benghazi Medical Center. His techniques in vascular surgery have been presented in numerous congresses and peer-reviewed journals in Europe and the USA. Lately he is leading as medical director the Sainte Marguerite Private Clinic Chain.



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