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Dr. Jerome Cau

Dr. Jérôme Cau

Dr. Jerome Cau is a renowned European vascular surgeon, with numerous research papers and scientific publications in the field of surgery and artery surgery, both laparoscopic and classic. He developed laparoscopic arterial surgery centers and helped training vascular surgeons in university hospitals, currently leading the Department of vascular surgery and transplantation at the Benghazi Medical Center. His techniques in vascular surgery have been featured in numerous congresses and journals in Europe and the U.S.


  • 1990 Contest PCM1-UFR Purpan Toulouse;
  • 1990-95 Medical Training: the Faculty of medicine in Toulouse;
  • 1996 Residency in surgery, medical center of Limoges;
  • 1998 Diploma of graduation in microsurgery;
  • 1999 Graduation Diploma in endovascular surgery;
  • 2001 Medica at the University of Toulouse;
  • 2001 Board of general surgery, France;
  • 2001-2003 senior housing Specialist in vascular surgery, University of Toulouse, France;
  • 2004 Board of vascular surgery, France;
  • 2004 French College of vascular surgery;
    Member of the European society for vascular surgery
    Senior housing specialist in vascular surgery, University of Lausanne, Switzerland;
  • 2005 senior Consultant in vascular surgery, University of Poitiers, France;
  • 2005 Associate Researcher INSERM U 927 «Department of ischemia and reperfusion”;
  • 2008 MASTER, surgical Sciences
    PhD, INSERM U 927 et CNRS Institut PPrime;
  • 2010 visiting Professor of vascular surgery, transplantation, Medical Center in Benghazi, Libya.


  • French College of vascular surgery;
  • European College of vascular surgery;
  • Endovascular and society for laparoscopy, Quebec City (IELS) (founder);
  • European society for Vascular Surgery (ESVS);
  • European society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT);
  • International society for Vascular Surgery (ISVS);
  • Society for Vascular Medicine (SVM);
  • Vascular society from Libya, Benghazi (LVS) Founder.

C. Research

Research in the lab

  • Creation and development of surgical experimental models (Department of Experimental Surgery-INSERM U 927-PR Thierry HAUET):
    • Liver transplantation in porcine vascular prostheses using live image replace intrahepatic vena cava;
    • Quadrangular resection of mitral valve through laparoscopic method: experimental study of feasibility;
    • Interest in the realization of anastomosis in vitro by laser, the development of intimate hyperplasia of the saphenous human vein, in collaboration with the CNRS to Prof. Jaouad Zemmouri Lille (Broken)-and vascular Surgery Department Pr Lausanne Corpataux (Switzerland);
    • Realization and evaluation of the renal anastomosis via laser in a OSYRIS model of kidney transplantation in collaboration with CNRS, Lille of Prof. Jaouad Zemmouri.

Current projects:

  • Development of a porcine model of renal artery stenosis to step through laparoscopy;
  • Development of a model of the sub-intimate Endovascular stenosis;
  • Experimental research in collaboration with ROBIOSS (Biomécanique, Robotique, Sport et Santé) of the Department of Génie Mécanique et Systèmes Complexes de l’Institut Pprime (UPR 3346-CNRS, Université de Poitiers, ENSMA) Pr Saïd Zeghloul: development of a robotic system for Endovascular sutures.

Clinical research

  • Specific set through laparoscopic bypass with clipping for aorto-iliac oclusiva: study in the future;
  • Renal artery bypass full laparoscopic percutaneous transluminal renal angioplasty after: study in the future.

Current clinical projects:

  • Quadrangular resection of mitral valve heart through laparoscopic method: preliminary study;
  • Artery stenting and stenting via protector filter in the renovascular ostial atherosclerotic: randomized trial.

A. Activities in medical centers

  • 2010 – Present – Benghazi Medical Center (Libya) / Visiting Professor, head of the vascular surgery and transplantation Department;
  • 2005 – 2010 – University of Poitiers (France) / Senior consultant in vascular surgery. Professor of vascular surgery;
  • 2004 – 2005 / University of Lausanne (Switzerland) / Senior housing specialist in vascular Surgery (guest).

B. Educational programs

  • Creation and development of an international laparoscopic center for education. I have initiated an educational program at University Hospital, for our dedicated surgeons who wish to practice in the field of laparoscopic surgery of the aorta. The work programme includes demonstrations in the operating room, practical applications, lab, anatomical models, practice one-to-one interaction one pelvitrainer device together with an expert and creating their own valuation models;
  • Supervisor for total aortic bypass via laparoscopy, in French and European vascular centers (over 100 procedures in European centers);
  • Expert in laparoscopic surgery of the aorta in 2002 in Laparoscopic Training Center IRCAD-EITS (Strasbourg, France);
  • Creation and development of a laparoscopic new retractor (patented), lumbar artery occlusion (patented) and other medical devices;
  • Creating a non-profit international society dedicated to other vascular laparoscopy and minimally-invasive techniques and member of the Board of Directors IELS (international society for Endovascular and Laparoscopy);
  • Creation of a training center (University of Poitiers, France), and the development of a training programme;
  • Creating and developing a surgical hospital, schools, University of Poitiers, France. This structure represents a surgical institution whose objective is to provide an education performance in the field of surgical techniques, to advanced ones, as well as those of last generation; both for residents and for experienced surgeons. The objectives of this structure are as follows:
    • Streamlining and optimizing the educational process of the surgical practices: reducing the time of learning;
    • To respond to the needs of surgeons which require continuous improvement in the level of practical skills;
    • The development and teaching of surgical methods and techniques of last-generation.