General Surgery

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General Surgery
Gynecologic Oncology

General surgery is a surgical specialization that focuses on abdominal organs. Although it is called “general”, doctors specialized in general surgery are highly trained and perform abdominal surgeries for medical conditions like appendicitis, hernia, biliary tract disorders, and stomach and bowel disorders. The surgeries are performed by specialized surgeons, with extensive experience in this field, and previous training at renowned clinics in Europe, USA and Israel.

Our clinic covers general surgery interventions and surgical oncology services, such as gynecologic oncology and breast surgery.

The development of recent surgical techniques, together with the growing number of health facilities and specialty clinics, made outpatient surgery more popular in Romania and other countries. One of the main advantages of outpatient surgery is the reduced duration of hospital stay, allowing the patient to return home the same day.

Usually private hospitals benefit of newer and better equipment than public hospitals, thus contributing to a friendlier environment that patients seem to prefer, especially for minimally invasive surgeries.

Recent medical innovations have facilitated the use of less invasive techniques and shorter medical procedure duration. Consequently, there was a significant decrease in the incidence of post-operative complications, and a greater use of outpatient interventions. Over 50% of patients who require surgical procedures can access outpatient services.