Mammary augmentation – Breast enlargement

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About breast augmentation with mammary implants

Breast augmentation with mammary implants is a surgical procedure that allows the increase of breast volume with the help of implants. This is a highly requested and performed surgical procedure in the field of aesthetic surgery lately, breasts being an important cosmetic area with a special impact in terms of women’s appearance and self-confidence. There are currently several types of breast implants on the market and numerous manufacturers. We only collaborate with FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) approved manufacturers, whose products are intensively studied and used only after thorough and highly controlled testing, especially in the U.S. and Western countries.
The main reasons female patients resort to this aesthetic surgical procedure are: a much too small breast size that dissatisfy them, asymmetry between the two breasts or changes that occur as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as those following weight loss and ageing.

Breast Procedures

During the aesthetic surgery consultation

You will be able to disclose what dissatisfies you about your breasts (size, shape, asymmetry between the two breasts) and you will also have the opportunity to express your expectations in terms of the final result. A general and local clinical breast exam will be performed by the doctor during which all clinical aspects regarding the size, shape and quality of the breast tissue will be taken into account. The next step is to discuss the real possibilities to fulfill your desires regarding the patient’s breast aesthetics. We will also discuss about all the recommended surgical methods, specific for each patient, the surgical technique and the subsequent size and shape of the breasts. Potential risks and complications will also be taken into consideration, together with the emotional impact that this aesthetic breast change may trigger. At the end of this consultation, the patient will be able to have a clear vision regarding her current status, the desires, the present surgical possibilities concerning goals achievement, and together with the aesthetician, will decide whether she is an optimal candidate for breast augmentation and the final size and shape of the breasts.

Most of the plastic and cosmetic surgery practices are professionally done by Dr. Claudiu Filip.

Dr. Claudiu Filip

Before the surgery

The doctor will recommend a set of medical blood tests (common and specific to each individual case), imaging investigations (mammography, chest x-ray), a pre-anesthetic consultation and possible extra paraclinical investigations if necessary. Medication or other substances affecting blood clothing will be discontinued prior to the surgery. A reassessment of the general and local state of the patient, goals, type of implants, technique used will be performed and an informed consent of the patient will be registered.

Breast augmentation surgery with implants

The surgery is carried out under general anesthesia, the anesthetist being the one who is in charge of the process and the supervision of the patient during the entire surgical procedure. The main access sites (incisions) are submammary, areolar (around the areola) or axillary. An opening – “pocket” will be created to hold the implant. This pocket can differ depending on the chosen technique previously discussed with the patient: subglandular, subfascial prepectoral, submuscular or “dual-pane” (partially muscular and partially subglandular) according to the patient’s own features and the cosmetic objectives. After the mammary implant is inserted, the incision is closed with absorbable sutures that do not require removal. In certain situations, drainage of each breast is recommended with drainage tubes which are removed after a day or two postoperatively. This type of surgery usually lasts for two hours on average, with a possibility of extension in certain more complex situations, or if additional breast lift procedures are performed.

After the implant augmentation surgery

The patient may experience tension in the breasts, as well as postoperative fatigue which will subside one day after the procedure. The doctor will prescribe medication that will restore comfort and reduce the sensation of tension in the breasts. The patient will have to wear a special medical bra for six weeks postoperatively. The doctor will recommend mild and more limited physical activity in the first week, avoiding however intense effort, lifting or pushing heavy objects and subsequently, normal activities will be gradually resumed as instructed by the doctor. The doctor will also guide you in terms of local and general aftercare.

You will receive more information related to the surgery and postoperative advice during the consultation with Dr. Filip Claudiu.