Otoplasty – The cosmetic surgery of ears

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Otoplasty – the cosmetic surgery of ears

Otoplasty – the cosmetic surgery of ears is the procedure that modifies the shape and size of the ears. This surgical procedure can be performed on both adults and children.

Kids with prominent ears can be called names or face social situations that will lower their self-esteem, which can cause difficulties in adapting socially or at school.

Although each ear is different, there are certain features of what we call “the normal ear appearance” in terms of position, size, shape and these can be achieved with the help of cosmetic surgery.

Sometimes, even subtle changes in position, shape or size can lead to major psychological improvement and an amazing degree of satisfaction for the patient.

Surgical procedure

Otoplasty is the procedure performed under general anesthesia and consists in an incision being made behind the ear to get access to the cartilage in order to remodel it according to the shape and size we desire. Certain sutures are put into place to maintain the newly created shape or to position the ear closer to the head, improving shape and proportions. The incision is afterwards closed.

The procedure lasts for approximately 45-60 minutes per ear.


The ears will be bound and bandaged to maintain the new position. Minimal discomfort may be experienced after the procedure. After a few days, the bandages will be removed and the patient will be advised to wear a sports band, in a first instance, permanently for 1-2 weeks and after that, only at nighttime for 6 more weeks.

Most of the plastic and cosmetic surgery practices are professionally done by Dr. Claudiu Filip.

Dr. Claudiu Filip

Recovery following otoplasty is generally short and easy. Children can return to school after 5-7 days and while adults can resume their daily activities after a week. In the beginning, the ears can be slightly edematous and reddened, but mainly presentable.

Contact sports and potentially traumatic activities for the ears are to be avoided for a period of two months. Patients will avoid sleeping on a side for the first week to avoid the compression of the healing ear.

The results of this procedure are permanent. Certain patients may sometimes need a few further adjustments. And with the cosmetic improvement brought by this procedure, your self-confidence will also be enhanced.

Ear edema is a common element that occurs in the first weeks. The scar remaining after otoplasty will be hidden behind the ear and is barely noticeable.

Who is a candidate for otoplasty?

Otoplasty creates a natural shape of the ear and a perfect proportionality with the face. Most patients present deformities in both ears, while others require this surgical procedure only on one ear.
Candidates for this procedure are individuals with prominent, protuberant, large, asymmetrical or irregularly shaped ears, or people whose ears are disproportionate comparing to the shape of the face.

Risks and complications

Just like any other modern surgical procedure, otoplasty is generally safe and has low potential of risks and complications.

Possible risks of this procedure include long-term edema, erythema, pain, bleeding, infection, localized or generalized ear sensitivity disorders, skin necrosis, unsatisfying cosmetic results or ear prominence recurrence.

These risks are minimized by choosing an experienced and qualified surgeon to perform the otoplasty procedure.

You will receive more information about the surgery and postoperative advice during the consultation with Dr. Filip Claudiu.