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Dr. Rene Milleret

Dr. René Milleret

Dr. Rene Milleret is a a renowned vascular surgeon in Europe, with numerous research papers and scientific publications. He is an innovator in the field of vascular surgery, developing several modern techniques which are being successfully used in vascular surgery. His most recent technique – the steam ablation – was developed in 2008 to address some of the shortcomings of the traditional thermal methods for treating varicose veins.

Founding member and Board member of the European Venous Forum, member of Colleges, Societies and Forums specialized in the vascular field in France, USA and Canada.

Teaching and expert work:

  • Training Course on «Endovenous techniques»
    Montreal, 22/24 Sept 2005;
  • Training Course: on «Ambulatory Phlebectomy»
    19th ACP meeting, San Francisco, Nov 2005;
  • Laser Endoveineux
    Collège de Chirurgie Vasculaire, région Paris – Ile de France
    Paris, Avril 2006;
  • Expert – 2nd European Consensus Conference on Foam sclerosis
    Tegernsee, Mai 2006;
  • Training Cours on «Radio-Fréquence, Laser endoveineux»
    Certificat d’Angiologie, Montpellier, Juin 2006;
  • Training Course on «Chemical ablation of varicose veins»
    Vancouver, Avril 2007;
  • 2nd Workshop on Venous Surgery
    Mumbaï, Janvier 2010;
  • Office Based Venous Workshop
    2nd Charing Cross Meeting London April 2010;
  • 3rd Workshop on Venous Surgery
    Rajkot, August 2010;
  • ESVES Workshop on Veins
    Amsterdam, Sept 2010;
  • 3rd Baltic Venous Meeting and Course
    Riga, October 2010;
  • Office Based Venous Workshop
    3rd CharingCross Meeting, London April 2011;
  • 2nd Workshop on venous diseases
    Pr J.Leal Monedero
    Madrid, May 2011;
  • Laser in Phlebology
    DIU of Laser in Medicine
    Nimes, May 2011;
  • FMC on Venous Surgery
    Meeting of the SCV
    Nantes, June 2011;
  • Workshop on endovenous obliteration
    Riga, September 2011;
  • 6th Septimus course on endovenous techniques
    Lyon, Sept 2011;
  • 2nd EVF workshop on venous disease
    Vienna, October 2011.


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  • Steam obliteration of varicose veins
    Phlébologie 2008: 60, 278/83;


  • Photo-dynamic sterilization of infected venous ulcers
    UIP World meeting, Rome Sept 2001;
  • Infra-red imaging of varicose veins
    UIP World meeting, Rome Sept 2001;
  • Cryo-phlebectomy of varicose collaterals
    UIP World meeting, Rome Sept 2001;
  • Imagerie infra-rouge des veines variqueuses
    Société Française de Phlébologie, Nice, Juin 2002;
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  • Comparative study of vein shrinkage following different endo-venous procedures
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  • Comparative study of vein shrinkage following different endo-venous procedures
    UIP World meeting, ACP meeting – San Diego, Aout 2003;
  • Popliteal vein entrapment as a cause of multiple recurrences of small saphenous vein insifficiency
    UIPWorld meeting, ACP meeting – San Diego Aout 2003;
  • Techniques endoluminales: Closure, Laser, Mousse – Evaluation.
    Société Européenne de Phlébectomie Ambulatoire, Berne, Mars 200;
  • Scléro-mousse de la Grande Saphène par long cathéter
    Société française de Phlébologie, Paris, Mars 2004;
  • Amélioration ses symptômes d’insuffisance veineuse par stimulateur électrique
    Société française de Phlébologie, Paris, Décembre 2004;
  • Ultrasonic Valvuloplasty
    30 th meeting of the Doppler Club, Titisee (Allemagne) Mai 2005;
  • Scléro-mousse par cathéter long: résultats à 3 ans
    Société Française de Phlébologie, Paris, Juin 2005-08-29;
  • Endovenous obliteration of superficial veins by a resorbable braid
    European Venous forum 6th meeting, Heraklion, Juin 2005-08-29;
  • External Ultrasonic Valvuloplasty
    European Venous Forum 6th meeting, Heraklion, Juin 2005
    2° Prix de la meilleure communication;
  • Comparative study of foam occlusion of the GSV versus thermal techniques at 3 years
    19th meeting of the American College of Phlebology, San Francisco, Novembre 2005
    Bronze award for Excellence;
  • Etude comparative des récidives à 3 ans après Eveinage et Laser endoveineux
    Société Française de Phlébologie, Paris, Décembre 2005;
  • External Ultrasonic Valvuloplasty
    American Venous Forum 18 th annual meeting, Miami, Mars 2006;
  • Traitement de l’Insuffisance Veineuse Superficielle chez la femme après l’age de la conception
    Société Française de Phlébologie, Lyon, Juin 2006;
  • Water: the ultimate sclerosing agent ? Veion obliteration by hyperheated steam
    European Venous Forum, Londres, Juin 2006;
  • Vein obliteration by hyperheated steam
    20 th American College of Phlebology meeting – Ponte Vedra, Floride – 9/11 Nov 2006
    Platinum Award for Excellence;
  • Laser assited repair of venous valves
    19 th Meeting American Venous forum, San Diego – 12/14 Février 2007;
  • Preservation of the Sapheno-Femoral junction
    Canadian Society of Phlebology Meeting, Vancouver – 28/30 Avril 2007;
  • Résultats à long terme de la chirurgie des varices avant 25 ans
    North Sea Meeting, Anvers – 18/20 Mai 2007-10-03;
  • Sclérose à la mousse par cathéter endoveineux
    Congrès de la SCV, Lyon – 2/4 Juin 2007;
  • Popliteal Vein Entrapment and SSV recurrence
    European Venous Forum, Istanbul – 28/30 Juin 2007;
  • Obliteration of varicose veins by hyperheated steam
    50 ° Congrès de la Société Allemande de Phlébologie, Mainz – 27/29 Septembre 2007;
  • Obliteration veineuse par vapeur à haute température
    Congrès du GELEV, Marseille – Oct 2007;
  • Foam and Lung: a scintigraphic study
    21 St meeting of the American College of Phlebology, Tucson – Nov 2007;
  • New endovenous techniques
    6 th Franco-Italian meeting of Phlebology, Sorrente – Nov 2007;
  • Late results of thermal and chemical endovenous techniques
    German Society of Phlébology meeting, Bochum – September 2008;
  • Steam obliteration of varicose veins
    Tcheque Society of Phlebology – Prague – October 2008;
  • Obliteration veineuse par vaepur hyperthermique
    Société Française de Phlébologie – Aix en Provence –Octobre 2008;
  • Superficial veins and varicosities: how tot treat them?
    American College of Phlebology – Marco Island – Nov 9th 2008;
  • Obliteration des varices par vapeur à haute température
    Controversies in Vascular Surgery – Paris, January 2009;
  • Steam obliteration of varicose veins
    Vein Society of India – Hyderabad – January 2009;
  • New techniques in endovenous obliteration of saphenous trunks
    European Venous Course – Maastricht – February 2009;
  • The sclerosing agents
    MEET – Cannes – May 2009-11-12;
  • Steam: What else ?
    10 th Meeting of the Union of Vascular Societies of Switzerland – Lausanne – Nov 2009;
  • Steam obliteration: a treatment for all veins
    Venous Forum of the Royal Society of Medicine
    London, April 2010-07-05;
  • VenousSurgery in the office: how farcanwe go ?
    MEET – Marseille – June 2010;
  • Steam: where are we now?
    German Society of Phlebology meeting
    Aachen, Nov 2010;
  • Steam obliteration: a promising new technique with R.Van den Bos and M.Neumann
    European Venous Forum Antwerp, June 2010
    1st Prize for best communication
    Published in JVS, January 2011;
  • Steam: the future?
    Benelux Meeting of Phlebology
    Maastritch, May 2011;
  • Steam obliteration of varicose veins.
    1 st Israeli meeting of Phlebology
    Tel Aviv January 2011;