Vascular Surgery

Thread veins or spider veins are surface veins similar to varicose veins but smaller. They’re also situated close to the skin’s surface and can be red or blue in colour. They can appear as tree branches or spider webs, composed of short non-linear strokes. They can appear on legs or even the face and can occupy areas ranging from small to large. These thread veins can be caused by weakened or damaged venous valves. Veins have valves that operate like unidirectional pathways, preventing the blood from flowing backwards (retrograde flow or reflux).

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Surgical Oncology

Our clinic offers a wide array of high-quality medical interventions and procedures for diagnostic, as well as, therapeutic purposes, such as:

  • Benign cutaneous superficial tumor excision;
  • Malignant cutaneous superficial tumor excision;
  • Curettage biopsy;
  • Cervical conization (with cold scalpel);

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General surgery is defined as the surgery of abdominal organs. In spite of the “general” term used, surgeons who practice general surgery are highly specialized and operate on abdominal conditions such as appendicitis, hernias, conditions of the gallbladder, stomach and other conditions of the intestine. The procedures are performed by highly trained specialists, many of them having completed training courses abroad in renowned clinics in Europe, USA and Israel.

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Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

Plastic surgery is the surgery of skin and non-visceral soft tissues. The skin is a vital organ, and therefore a large damage to the skin could lead to death in the absence of an appropriate treatment. Like all organs in the human body, the skin also benefits of healthcare professionals and specialists in surgery. The physicians specialized in skin care are the dermatologists. The surgeons specialized in skin care are plastic surgeons.

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ENT Surgery

Obstructia nazala poate fi provocata de mai multi factori. Dintre acestia alergiile pot fii o cauza frecventa. Deseori fosele nazale pot fii ingustate de probleme aparute la nivelul septului nazal sau a cornetelor nazale. Septul nazal este o structura normala si divide nasul in doua fose nazale dar poate fii deviat intr-o parte sau alta datorita unor factori multipli printre care cel mai frecvent e reprezentat de traumatismele faciale la copil sau adult.

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Ultrasound (ultrasonography) is a type of investigative procedure without any contraindications. It’s part of the medical imaging exams, along with computerised tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and scintigraphy. The method uses ultrasounds, which are completely harmless for the patient. It’s a reliable and precise diagnosis procedure, useful in the diagnosis of medical and surgical emergencies.

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