VenArt Vascular Clinic offers you a new and free service to bring added value to our patients. The new service is called Vascular TeleMedicine.

Dr. Jerome Cau


Because in this way our patients could contact their doctor very fast and could get relevant and important information concerning their vascular condition.

To whom this service is addressed to?

The patients with arterial conditions, new or chronic, who need a second opinion related to the stage of their vascular condition or what it can be done.

How much this service costs?

This service is absolutely free.

What are the steps to be done?

You can contact us to the clinic at the phone numbers on the site in Bucharest or Cluj-Napoca. After you contact us, we will demand from you a list of investigations and test that you could sent to us by e-mail to

These electronic files will reach Dr. Jerome Cau who will review them. After a discussion with you, us and him, you will receive an informative answer to your condition.

More information about Dr. Jerome Cau you can get here.