Treatment of facial wrinkles with botulinum toxin

Treatment of facial wrinkles with botulinum toxin2017-12-28T16:18:22+00:00

Botulinum toxin (Botox)

The Botulinum toxin is a natural medicine successfully used for over twenty years. It ensures treatment for millions of patients annually, both children and adults suffering from eye conditions (strabismus or cross eyes), neurological conditions (spasticity, torticollis) and dermatological issues (hyperhidrosis).

For over a decade, the botulinum toxin has been used for the treatment of expression – “dynamic” lines on the face.

The Botulinum toxin is different from other cosmetic wrinkle treatments through the fact that it doesn’t act upon wrinkles themselves, but upon the muscles causing them.

Actually, “dynamic” wrinkles, namely glabellar lines, forehead lines, periorbital wrinkles like crow’s feet are the direct result of the contraction of certain muscles. The action of the botulinum toxin allows for a reduced contraction of the muscles involved in wrinkle development. This results in the elimination and discontinuation of those specific wrinkle formation.

Most of the plastic and cosmetic surgery practices are professionally done by Dr. Claudiu Filip.

Dr. Claudiu Filip

A first consultation allows the doctor to determine a correct assessment through an accurate clinical exam of your facial anatomy, a diagnosis and your reasons for the treatment. Also, he/she will be able to identify specific contraindications, if any, and will provide you with accurate information regarding the recommended treatment. Subsequently, the treatment can be performed: the botulinum toxin is injected without anesthesia, in small doses, with a very thin needle.

There is no downtime required, so you can immediately resume your social and professional activities, while still following a few specific precautions: it is important not to massage or put tension upon the treated areas for 4-5 hours after injection, and avoid bending your head forward.
Results become visible starting with the 4th day and are optimal after 10-15 days, their effect lasting for 4 to 6 months, depending on the patient. Regular maintenance sessions are recommended to allow for the extension of the result lifespan: one session every 4 months in the first year and subsequently, one every 6 months.

This treatment addresses people who want to get rid of a prominent frown expression and restore a rejuvenated, brighter complexion. On a broader spectrum, this treatment also addresses those who wish to stop further development of wrinkles, signs of the inevitable passage of time, while still maintaining a natural facial expression and look.

More information about the treatment can be found during the consultation with Dr. Filip Claudiu.