What are the benefits of bariatric surgery

Care sunt beneficiile interventiei chirurgicale bariatrice clinica venart cluj napoca


Today, almost two billion people are overweight, 600 million of whom are obese. It is clear that obesity has become a global health problem.

When your diet doesn’t give you the quick results you want, when sports require more physical effort than your physical capacity, when body contouring interventions have failed and you can’t find the solution and the strength to shed all those pounds accumulated over years of stress, sedentary lifestyles and overeating, you need to consider surgery: stomach reduction surgery.

First performed in 1999, laparoscopic longitudinal gastrectomy has become, alongside gastric bypass, one of the most common bariatric surgeries.

There are certain gastric diseases that make this type of surgery impossible. Also, some mental illnesses are added to the list of contraindications, which will be established during the preoperative evaluation.

What are the advantages of bariatric surgery

The advantages of this type of surgery are obvious: Patients will eat little without feeling hungry. They will feel full very quickly and can thus get rid of excess weight completely.
As it is a laparoscopic operation, recovery is fast, without scars, with limited postoperative pain, and hospitalization lasts only 48 hours.

After the operation, restrictions are minimal, being necessary for only a short period of time until the patient fully recovers.

After Gastric Sleeve the specialist recommends a certain dietary regime that any patient who has recently undergone surgery must follow.
The diet after Gastric Sleeve is personalized and aims to help the stomach heal and adapt to the patient’s new lifestyle.
The diet is important both for the patient’s healing and for accelerating the weight loss process.

What are the benefits of bariatric surgery

Weight loss is the main beneficial effect of longitudinal gastrectomy, from which the following also follow. For this effect, weight reduction is very important
in the first 6-9 months through diet and sport. Returning to old eating habits can lead to a return to the original weight.

Longitudinal gastrectomy has an effect of improving or curing type 2 diabetes in a significant percentage of patients, both because of rapid weight reduction and because of the reduction in the level of ghrelin, a hormone with both appetite-stimulating and diabetogenic effects.

Conditions on which longitudinal gastrectomy has beneficial effects include hypertension, dyslipidaemia and atherosclerotic disease, sleep apnea syndrome, degenerative arthritis. The effects on quality of life are multiple and consistent. These patients have a much improved quality of life, a richer social life, improved mental state, a more active sex life and healthier eating habits.

For more information about stomach shrinkage surgery as well as diet after Gastric Sleeve we suggest you make an appointment at VenArt Clinic. The medical team has extensive experience in bariatric surgery, implementing highly effective techniques and methods to cure obesity.

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